Monday, April 13, 2009

Nachklausur and Such

Tomorrow will be the first day of the new semester. Well, the semester technically started on April 1, but the first lectures will take place tomorrow, and tutorials begin next week. I can't say that I'm particularly looking forward to it all (except Lineare Algebra II), but that's mainly because I really have no idea what the classes will be like (my state of mind was similar before our trip to Hawaii, which was certainly not unpleasant). I'll just let myself be surprised, as the French* say (*by which I mean the Germans).

One thing I am looking forward to (although only mildly) is the result of the Funktionale Programmierung Nachklausur. As mentioned earlier, I passed with a decent mark on my first try, so I confess that my motivation to study was rather weaker than it ought to have been. Still, I wrote the exam (last Wednesday), and was pleased to find it much nicer than the first. "Nicer" in that it was prettily formatted, the instructions were clear, there weren't time-consuming or redundant tasks, and it was significantly easier (perhaps too easy). There were, incidentally, no proofs and no hexadecimal/binary/etc. conversion questions, which was rather odd and somewhat regrettable. Some structural induction, especially, really ought to have been included. In its stead, there was a primitive recursion question (worth 10 of the 50 points). I gave it a try (it would have been unwise not to), but primitive recursion is one concept that I probably never learned properly to begin with (it didn't come up in the assignments). Anyway, it'll be interesting to see whether my mark this time will be better or worse than last time. As I said, the exam was easier (and I wrote an answer of some kind for every question), but precisely because of that, it's unlikely that the marking will be as generous.

By the way, I now have my heart set on taking a language course during the semester, so -- imprudent or not -- I will sign up for it next week. That, then, will be something I'll really look forward to. I'll also make sure to get a certificate this time, so that I can get credit for the course from the university. Getting credit had actually been my intention last time, too, but what with the cancelling of classes and my fear of being a nuisance or doing pointless things, I let it be.

Note: Being a lazy fool, I missed my opportunity to write the hundredth post on the three-year anniversary of this blog. :.o(

Another Note: I came across the following limerick while looking through my folders on my hermit friend's laptop.

There was once an arrogant weasely
Who lived in the tower of Pisely.
"A squirrel am I!"
Declared he to a fly.
"Well, your tail is remarkably measly."


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