Saturday, August 26, 2006

Photos of Berlin

First, here is our apartment building!

The figures at the street corner are my two oldest brothers. Behind them is the Nemesis Restaurant, and, on the left, you can see the Bücherhalle, which sells used books.

The following two photos depict the delightful pedestrian traffic lights that are generally found in (what used to be) East Berlin. I find them infinitely more amusing than the dull traffic lights that one usually sees.

The traffic light photos are only two of many photos that I took today while on a walk with my sister. Here are two more, both of a church at the Winterfeldtplatz:

The second photo is of a little side building. I really like the dark red brick. It suits the surrounding greenery very well (complementary colours, etc.). This harmony with nature was unexpected for me, but it is prevalent in Berlin and, I suspect, in Europe generally.

Anyway, I hope to post more photos before long, but I won't include them here because the post probably takes long enough to load as it is.

By the way, a note of caution to any unsuspecting souls who happen to pass through Berlin: pepperoni pizza in Europe is not always the same as pepperoni pizza in North America. I was rather unpleasantly surprised on two occasions to find rather bitter peppers on my pizza when I was expecting spicy sausage. Terrible! But perhaps some of you would actually prefer the peppers. As for myself, I will stick to Pizza Tonno, Pizza Margherita, and pizza with salami or other types of sausage that cannot be confused with peppers.

Note: The above images are hosted by flickr and edited using Adobe Photoshop.


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