Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Part Two: First Flight

I embark now on the second part of my journey. For those who have not seen the first, look for the last post. I forgot to add earlier that this is taken from a log I'm keeping of my trip, so it may switch from past tense to present tense. My apologies. Anyway, the plane has arrived, I now await to board. The former passengers stream out of the plane, into the airport and past my seat. I'm somewhat relieved; the few newspaper articles, the funnies and sudoku didn't fully eliminate my mixed sense of boredom and impatience, a nasty mix but common with me.
When the last passengers passed by, the disabled and children under eleven were called to the ticket desk and started off, then the 'general borders', including me, my mother and my father, came to the front and were soon walking, in the fresh, drizzling rain, to the waiting plane, which, I having entered it and finding a window seat, soon began to grumble, as if not wanting to take off. The pilot gave a little speach, and the plane's noises started to calm. Then all the other strange noises bagan: gurgles, wiping noises, engine noises... Another plane has just set off, and I await a similar fate.
I have a good seat, behind the wing and rather near the back. I looked out, observing the 'little people' moving about, normally zooming about the airport in their tiny vehicles. A new noise, as if our plane were getting ready to taxi... Another speach, a woman this time, giving a warning on electronics, all the while talking very fast, only to be followed by a French voice, taking a calmer pace. Then the pilot again, ("cross checks complete"). Finally, introductions.
I was shortly cut off, having to stow away my log for take off, and will give a brief review: Sure enough, the new noise mentioned above was our plane's engine, and the plane turned to the taxi way, which was covered with strips of newer asphalt which gave it a graffiti effect. An over-sharp turn later and the plane was on the runway, both it and I facing our demons; a long flight and, for me exclusively, annoyance of the ears caused by change of pressure, or annoying ears for short.
With a rise in pressure, in speed, in noise and in height, we took off. I enjoyed a brief view of cars, houses, roads and grass, true symbols of Victoria, before flying into, and over, the clouds. As I hadn't eaten breakfast, I, for once, looked forward to the in-flight meal, and, as I had guessed, my ears are causing me some annoyance. Here come the snacks. Anyway, a bit later I saw a spot of land covered in road, and, a little later still, the first snow-and-stone covered mountain, standing above the water and in front of a layer of clouds. We have now reached a second layer of cloud, a thinner and more scattered layer. looking down, under the second layer and through patches in the first, I see more mountains, same as the first. I think I can say as a fact: "Amazing view."

I pause from eating two cookies and coke, (no dipping), to look outside; the clouds have settled to a dull monotony. No, that's unfair, for the occasional clear patch hints at the world below, namely mountains, plenty of snow covered mountains. These are the proud, similar-looking, Snow covered and rocky coast mountains. I will pause from the poetic writing above to state: "Alright, now it's monotony!"
White as paper, and as flat. Up to now, and for quite a while longer, this is what the clouds will be, and the air is a blanket-like-blue. The only thing breaking the monotony is the plane; The wing outside, a calm-yet-noisy inside, filled with the noise of chatting and crinkling paper. What I'd do without the plane I don't know, fall, I guess. Either way, annoying ears, hunger, and being bored at the monotony, all these would be the least of my worries.
By the way, as the monotony is not what I expected, I fear the highlights of the flight will be the movie, in-flight meal and landing. Another, quiet announcement, this may be the most you hear of my flight. Oh well, clouds can't go on forever, can they? note: There will be no movie, (I don't care), or in-flight meal, (I do care). There will, however, be a landing. :-) Finally, the clouds will certainly not go on forever.
Speaking of which, the monotony is broken! Mountains, yes more of them, can be seen through a silk-like cloud, and even those now fall away to reveal the Rockies; white-capped stone, constant rivers, both looking as though they had never been touched.
The plane had just met with some turbulence, but as the pilot gave a related warning it stopped. The plane then turned to reveal long strips of mountains going to the horizon. A few clouds wandered over the mountains, fluffy, scattered and small, but they quickly fell away with the snow, revealing a sandy-yellow coloured land. As we fly over the remainder of the Rockies, our current destination drawing near, I have to lay down my log for a short while, drawing you a last discription of annoying ears, prairies, (or, at least, foot hills), gray-brown forests and the occasional golf course. Wait, also sandy, grided minor roads, a large major road, a river, and the first view of asphalt roads, cars and what look like houses. As the plane turns, the wing reveals some multi-coloured wiring.

A normal landing and a few announcements later, the plane was filled with the sound of clicking seatbelts, the sound of bags being picked up or, in the case of overhead compartments... picked down? Also, a rise in chatter and people, including me.
As I near the end of a long post, I don't want to forget the following: As the plane taxied to the parking, the wings tended to sag from weight and be pushed about by the wind, if only on a tiny scale. Now this is only to be expected from a mass of metal, wiring and fuel jutting out over the air, and the plane can handle it well, and the flexibility may even improve the plane, still, it seems uncomfortable. Anyway, once again we are waiting in the waiting room, and I remember the sudoku I had saved from before, which I will finish, hopefully... So ends my second narrative. The third will follow after a good long break.


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