Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yet More Photos

I have been writing rather a lot about politics lately. Since I intended there to be plenty of variety in this blog, I will look for a non-politics item later today. Here, in the meantime, are some more photos.

First, a Japanese cherry tree that grows near the gate:

Japanese Cherry

I like the colours — the dark red of the tree's leaves and the brick, the green of the hedge, the black and gold of the lantern, the white of the fence . . .

This next one is a photo of my alto recorder:

Recorder Music

It is made of wood and sounds lovely — much better, in my opinion, than a flute or soprano recorder. I would link to an audio clip, but it's too much bother. You will just have to trust me. :o)

The recorder and the sheet music (a suite by Telemann) are on our old upright piano. The piano is a little battered, but that is to be expected when there are five children in the household. Besides, the piano really is very old (from the turn of the century or thereabouts).

Finally, here are the neighbours' turkeys (nice and plump, eh?):



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