Monday, December 03, 2007

Origami Photos

What follows is a sampling of the origami figures I've made recently. They are, respectively, a frog, a crane, a phoenix, a snail, and a box.

Origami Frog

Origami Crane

Origami Phoenix

Origami Snail

Origami Box

I also made the origami bear from a previous post, by the way, but I ended up with unsightly (ghastly!) white stripes along the bear's back. The edges didn't meet up properly. My lack of skill aside, a thinner and more flexible kind of paper probably would have been more appropriate for the figure. If the paper is stiff, it becomes very difficult to fold multi-layered parts, and the folds become more three-dimensional, which results in edges that don't meet. That said, comparatively stiff paper is pleasant to work with, and it's obviously well-suited for boxes (of which I made several) and for less complex figures.

Note: All of the above photos were edited using Adobe Photoshop. It was fun this time around, because I got to edit out little eraser shavings (or whatever they're called). It was amusing to flip between the original and the edited version, watching as the little white and grey bits appeared and disappeared ("light goes on, light goes off," etc.). It was also pleasing to use the sharpening effect and observe the considerable, almost magical, improvement.


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