Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Games

Apropos of the Hase und Igel post, here are some more fun games for all ages.

First, Mille Bornes, a French card game:

Mille Bornes

The objective is to be the first to get a thousand milestones ("mille bornes"). Players start out with six cards, and begin each turn by picking up a card from the centre pile. From there on, players have several options. They can deal an accident card to another player, add to their store of milestones, counter other players' attacks, etc. The idea is to gather milestones as quickly as possible, while making it as difficult as possible for others to do the same.

The second game is a board-game called Europareise (or Journey through Europe):


I haven't played it in years, and I don't remember the rules, so here is a brief description from BoardGameGeek:

"A travelling game. Each player has a home city and draws cards for other cities that they must visit. The first player to visit all their cities and return home wins."

I have great memories from playing all three games. I only wish my siblings would play with me more often. :.o(

Note: The first photo is from Timewarp Vintage Toys, and the second is from BoardGameGeek.


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