Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Combatants for Peace

I recently came across the following video on youtube. In it, a group of Israelis and Palestinians — most of whom have committed acts of violence in the name of Israel or Palestine — meet to discuss their roles in the conflict and their campaign for a non-violent resolution. Two of those present, in particular, provide an account of their actions and the experiences that led them to reject violence. One is an Israeli major, and the other is a Palestinian who spent over ten years in jail after attacking Israeli soldiers.

There are several things about the video that appeal to me. To begin with, I appreciate the lack of generalities. It isn't often that one hears first hand accounts from those involved in the conflict or sees Israelis and Palestinians as individuals. I also appreciate the hopefulness of the video, and the humanness of the setting. The video is, admittedly, relatively short, but it gives you a valuable and unusual perspective of the conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

But, please, see for yourself. :o)

Note: See for more information. You will find, among other things, written versions of the personal stories (here and here).


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